Instalacja driverów 32-bitowych (x86) na serwerze Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)

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You might not be able to extract some printer drivers without installing them. If this is the case, log on to a client computer that uses the same processor architecture as the printer drivers that you want to add to the print server, and install those printer drivers. Then use Print Management from the client computer to connect to the print server, and add the additional drivers from the Additional Drivers dialog box. Windows automatically uploads the drivers from the client computer to the print server.

Best solution is to do it other way around. Just make sure printer is configured + shared on the server, then add it from a x86 machine. During install it will ask for a x86 driver for your local machine. Then select the driver that you have donwloaded and finish installation. Then from your local machine goto printer properties and add the x86 to the additional drivers. It will copy all the files to your x64 server and you are good to go!